The purpose of the Women's Southern California Golf Association is to promote and foster interest in women's amateur golf through friendly organized competition.

This web site is developed as a service to our members and as a gateway for you to communicate with your association. Some of the service provided to you via this site are: reviewing your Current Handicap Index, registration info and results for Tournaments. You can read the newsletter, Tee Talk, or search the WSCGA ByLaws.

If you would like to contact the WSCGA via E-Mail, click here, or see our Contact page.


In the WSCGA information section you will find out about the benefits and services which are available to WSCGA members.
Individual Membership Requirements
Advantages and Benefits of WSCGA Membership
Complete Handicap Service
USGA Course Rating Service
Team Play
Chairperson Assistance
Obligations of WSCGA Clubs Affecting Access and Play
Board of Directors

Individual Membership Requirements
Membership in the Association may only be obtained through the Member Club's women's organization. Each member of a Regular Member Club's Women's Organization shall also be required to be a member of this Association.

Payment of Association dues: Thirty-four dollar ($34) membership fee for an 18-hole index and/or a 9-hole index are due at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Dues payment is accepted beginning June 1 and delinquent July 31. Multi-Club members pay at each Club of membership.

Minimum age: Eighteen (18) years; however, WSCGA will provide a courtesy handicap index for any junior playing from a WSCGA Club.
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Advantages and Benefits of WSCGA Membership

  1. COMPLETE HANDICAP SERVICE - WSCGA provides its members with monthly handicap update information, including individual stickers showing last 20 rounds of golf, club alpha showing current monthly index as well as low index for the last 6 months, a list of the month's most improved golfers and the year to date most improved golfers. WSCGA is always available to assist the club handicap chairperson with corrections to current index information. WSCGA accepts and votes on application for new handicaps and assists the Chairperson with corrections of address and other individual information. WSCGA provides the clubs with assistance in the installation of EHS computer hardware and software.

  2. USGA COURSE RATING SERVICE - WSCGA provides its members with complete course rating and review services in accordance with USGA standards. Our Course Rating Director, her Captains and their Teams provide updated course ratings every six years. Ratings are reviewed and corrected any time a course undergoes changes that would affect its rating. If a course is under temporary construction, our Rating Director is available to give the club a temporary rating. If a club has any concerns regarding their rating, the Course Rating Director is available to explain why the rating is as stated and if necessary, review the rating for possible change.

  3. TOURNAMENTS - WSCGA sponsors tournaments throughout the year for golfers of every handicap. Tournaments are scheduled one to two years in advance for golfers of every handicap. Tournaments are scheduled at many courses that would not be available to members on an individual basis. Tournaments are varied as to region and format. We sponsor individual tournaments, partners events and 4-Person events. Our tournaments are classified as Major events or Association Day events. Participants in the Major tournaments earn points which acumulate toward the selection of a team to represent the South in the North/South Annual State competition.

  4. RULES - WSCGA provides its members with a Rules Director, Rules Educators and REC Committee that is available any time to help with ruling decisions. If necessary, we are able to consult directly with USGA rules personnel to help make a decision. If requested, WSCGA offers members the opportunity to have the organization put on a Rules Education Seminar(REC) at their course. We also offer annual rules workshops at the regional meetings.

  5. TEAM PLAY - WSCGA sponsors annual team play for member clubs in both Division I and Division II. WSCGA pairs the participating clubs and provides manuals, roster information and online result compilations throughout play. Individual and team awards are presented to the winners and runners-up at the end of each season.

  6. CHAIRPERSON ASSISTANCE - WSCGA is available to Club Chairpersons to help with questions regarding all facets of ladies' Association operation. We will advise Chairpersons based on other club consensus and our own experience and exposure. We do NOT make your club rules. WSCGA offers annual Chairperson's workshops at the regional meetings. Club Liaison workshops are also offered in an effort to help chairpersons with clarification of WSCGA policies.

  7. WSCGA offers annual regional workshops in different regions. Workshops are held for Club, Handicap, Rules and Tournament Chairpersons, WSCGA Liaison and Team Captain. The various positions are provided with manuals, USGA booklets and other documentation to assist them in their jobs. Benefits of the workshop include instructional material for the various positions and an opportunity to exchange ideas, thus enriching the club leadership and activities.

  8. Yearly, WSCGA provides each member with a Blue Book containing a calendar of scheduled events for the year. The book gives the members easy access to information concerning WSCGA events and procedures.

  9. Your membership in WSCGA insures your reciprocal Guest-Day privileges at member clubs without greens fees.

  10. The WSCGA office is the focal point for communicatons.
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Obligations of WSCGA Clubs Affecting Access and Play
This is a partial list of WSCGA Member Club's obligations. Please consult the WSCGA Bylaws for a comprehensive statement. A Member Club is required:

  1. To abide by all provisions of the Bylaws.
  2. To ensure proper handicap procedure and conduct competitive play in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf and USGA Handicap System.
  3. To maintain the golf course and member facilities in the best possible condition.
  4. To notify the Association of any condition which impairs the course's suitability and/or availability for play.
  5. To install and maintain permanent Rating Markers.
  6. To avail its course for one (1) guest day a month for Association members, without green fees, for seventy-five percent (75%) of those months that the Club course is in operation each year.
  7. To avail its course when requested for:
    a. An Association Day Event.
    b. One of the Major Tournaments for the Association, consisting of a qualifying round and four days of match play in one week or, on occasion, one day (or two) of a two-day event.
    c. WSCGA Team Play as necessitated by Team Play schedules.
  8. To notify the Association as to any change of ownership or operational status of a Member Club.
  9. To respect the following regarding WSCGA scheduled events:
    a. There shall be no green fees.
    b. The course shall be reserved until the field has cleared the 1st tee.
    c. To abide by the dress code:
    NO ABBREVIATED ATTIRE. Shorts and skirts are to be no shorter than five (5) inches above the center of the back of the knee; no halter tops, tank tops, etc. Tailored slacks are acceptable at many of the clubs. A club's stricter dress code will take precedence.
  10. To consider the WSCGA Tournament Calendar when scheduling events, in an effort to encourage maximum participation in WSCGA Tournaments.
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PRESIDENT Judy Anderson
909-592-1281 x 275
Esther McKinley
909-592-1281 x 290
Karen Fischer
Lake Arrowhead
909-592-1281 x 267
SECRETARY Joanne Farmer
La Canada-Flintridge
909-592-1281 x 292
San Luis Obispo
909-592-1281 x 263
Mission Hills
909-592-1281 x 289
DIRECTOR Patsy Grant
909-592-1281 x 294
DIRECTOR Lynne Haraway
Porter Valley
909-592-1281 x 288
ADVISOR Judy Altschuler
Industry Hills
909-592-1281 x 280
Industry Hills
909-592-1281 x 208

WSCGA Committee Assignments
REC Committee
Course Rating Committee

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The Distinguished Service Award serves to recognize a recipient whose outstanding accomplishments have furthered the game of golf in the interest of women. Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

1990 Pat Stein Tamarisk Country Club and Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club
1991 Josephine Gardner Indian Wells Country Club
1992 Mary Cave La Jolla Country Club
1993 Mildred Stanley The Wilshire Country Club
1994 Jane Booth Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club
1995 Ruth Miller Sierra La Verne Country Club
1996 Mary Hicks Redlands Country Club
1997 Maury De Mots Riviera Country Club
1998 Sue Ewart Old Ranch Country Club
1999 Frances Hirsh Tamarisk Country Club
2000 Diane Williams Indian Wells Country Club and Indian Ridge Country Club
2001 Anne Smith San Gabriel Country Club
2002 Arlene Persons Sterling Hills Golf Club
2003 Ann Guidera The Victoria Club
2004 Clem Hale Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club
2005 Sarah Floyd Silver Lakes Country Club
2006 Helen Knight El Caballero Country Club
2007 Alexa Davis California Country Club
2008 Linda Garrison Industry Hills Golf Club
2009 Pat Tapp La Jolla Country Club
2010 Mary Wickser Oakmont Country Club
2011 Rene Rainey Industry Hills Golf Club
2012 Jane Thomas Anderson Pauma Valley Country Club
2013 No Award
2014 Joanne Farmer La Canada-Flintridge Country Club
2015 Dottie Lyons Santa Maria Country Club
2016 Diane Wootton Birnam Wood Golf Club

The Judy Borden Award serves to recognize a recipient whose outstanding volunteerism have furthered WSCGA and the game of golf in the interest of women. 2007 marks the first year for this annual award. Judy Borden Award Recipients:

2007 Judy Borden The Victoria Club
2008 Carol Stewart South Hills Country Club
2009 Sue Ross Yorba Linda Country Club
2010 Mary Gattas Red Hill Country Club
2011 Diane Wootton Birnam Wood Golf Club
2012 Sharron Troy PGA West
2013 No Award
2014 Mimi Petke Mission Viejo Country Club
2015 Judy Thompson Canyon Lake Country Club
2016 Carol Sarkissian Western Hills Country Club

The Pro of the Year Award recognizes a golf professional whose outstanding contributions have furthered WSCGA and the game of golf in the interest of women. 2007 marks the first year for this annual award. Pro of the Year Award Recipients:

2007 Tom Szwedzinski Saticoy Country Club
2008 Carol Hogan Desert Island Golf & Country Club
2009 David Zickau Indian Palms Country Club & Resort
2010 Kimi McNary Western Hills Country Club
2011 Mark Saatzer La Canada-Flintridge Country Club
2012 Nikki Gatch PGA of America
2013 Dave Youpa Industry Hills Golf Club
2014 Malia Folquet Palm Valley Country Club
2015 Ross Fisher Goose Creek Golf Club
2016 Jim Gormley Palos Verdes Golf Club

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